General Field Sheets

I created a field sheet as a resource for the community of people that is collecting fishes or invertebrates in the Caribbean. Please feel free to use it for your work and share it with anyone who might be interested. If you return the filled out sheets to me, I will put the data into a public database that all of us can use. Click on the link below to download the word file. Please contact me at for a version in Spanish or French.

General Field Sheets for Caribbean Research


Inside of the Greenhouse with tanks.

Fish stocks are maintained in the Aquatic Research Facility of OU (Google Maps: 35.183277°,-97.447701°). Tanks of different sized are available outdoor and indoor in a greenhouse. Stocks can also be maintained in several large outdoor ponds. The greenhouse also offers space for experiments. We currently breed around 25 species of livebearing fishes. Contact Ingo ( for details.

Little Fish Room

Fish tank in Little Fishroom

In this small fish room we run small experiments and prepare individuals for experiments.

Cave lab

For the housing of the cave fish, a darkroom is available. This darkroom is fully equipped for common-garden rearing of up to 100 individual fish.

Behavior lab

The Behavior lab provides four experimental setups for the observation and quantification of behavior. The setup includes a computer-mediated individual tracking system, which can be operated from seperate room, as well as interactive playback of video images.

Field work

We have conducted field work in the US (mainly Oklahoma and Texas), Mexico, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Trinidad, and Cuba.

In Texas with field vehicle