After the eventful summer, we have eased into the fall semester of 2023. I am teaching statistics again this semester, and it is fun!

The summer seems long past but there were adventures: I was invited at a Gutenberg Conference as a speaker and was able to talk about and discuss Amazon mollies and our recent work with great colleagues. I saw many old friends, and met amazing new ones. This was in July….. Andrea accompanied me and we took the Bahn from Hamburg: without any problems!

We spent an extra day in lovely Mainz, enjoying stained glas windows by Chagall and the Gutenberg bibles in the Gutenberg Museum.

After returning from Germany, the semester started, but I left again in September to attend a Monod conference on sex in Roscoff, France. This time I was giving a poster!

This was right around the time when our Evolution paper, lead by Fred Fyon came out.

Roscoff and the Bretagne are breathtakingly beautiful!

Sunset over tidal flat in Roscoff

In total, this fall we had four papers come out:

  1. FYON, F., WILD, G, MIRON BERBEL-FILHO, W., SCHLUPP, I. & UBEDA, F. (2023) Why Do Hybrids Turn Down Sex? (Evolution,
  2. JANKO, K., MIKULÍČEK, HOBZA, R. & SCHLUPP, I. Asexual species matter in Ecology and Evolution (Ecology and Evolution, DOI: 10.1002/ece3.10522).
  3. CEREPAKA, C. & SCHLUPP, I. (2023) Sperm specificity and potential paternal effects in gynogenesis in the Amazon Molly (Poecilia formosa(PeerJ, in press).
  4. DOMÍNGUEZ-CASTANEDO, O. & SCHLUPP, I. Intra- and interspecific behavioral ecology within and between Mollienesia males (sailfin molly Poecilia velifera and shortfin molly P. mexicana) in mangroves of Yucatán peninsula (Behaviour, in press).

I hope the paper with my European friends and colleagues will have an impact. It is open access and you can find it here: