A lot is happening right now. As the spring semester unfolds (Spring Break is almost over), we are preparing for the summer (and for tornado season….).

We had a new paper come out recently. It is one of very few papers on Limia vitiate, the endemic Limia from Cuba. Many individuals are spotted, but not all. what is behind that? Natural selection or sexual selection. Find out here: RODRIGUEZ-SILVA, R., SPIKES, M., ITURRIAGA MONSISBAY, M. & SCHLUPP, I. (2023) Color polymorphism in the Cuban endemic livebearing fish Limia vittata (Teloestei, Poeciliidae): Potential roles of sexual and natural selection Ecology and Evolution (DOI: 10.1002/ece3.9768). Several papers are submitted, maybe coming out soon.

Then there was a delightful visit by Kathy Kasic, who gave a wonderful talk and screened her awesome movie: The lake at the bottom of the world. Breathtaking visuals and fantastic story! There is a huge freshwater lake under the Antarctic ice.

Just before that visit I spent a short weekend in New York. Exploring the MET and walking Manhattan. At the MET I found a beautiful vase with a Peacock theme. Darwin would have been delighted.

Peacock vase at the MET.

And of course, waving at Lady Liberty on the way to Staten Island.

Statue of Liberty from the distance.

Finally, I was interviewed for the Fish of Week podcast by the US Fish and Wildlife Service. I got to talk about the Amazon Molly for a little while and had nothing but fun! Here is a link to the podcast, check it out.