Sometimes events just take over. This has happened too often lately. First a pandemic with millions of deaths, now a war of aggression against Ukraine that is shaking up the world as we knew it. Herr Putin is the clear villain in this and he must be stopped. I stand with Ukraine and how they bravely defend all of us.

The new symbol of freedom

Although it is sometimes difficult to grasp, life still happens. I teach Animal Behavior and we just had a long discussion of sexual selection. The students liked that peacocks made Darwin sick!

The bird that made Darwin sick. Taken in Berlin on the Pfaueninsel (I think).

In other news, our investigation into the origin of Amazon mollies is moving along nicely! We will share first results at a small symposium to be held in Puebla, Mexico in May. It will be nice to be back in Mexico and to share ideas with colleagues.

Not Puebla, but a nice waterfall in Tabasco