It is time to greet 2022 with hopes for a year less dominated by the pandemic and the right wing activists that are now teaming up with people opposing vaccinations. As I scientist I have a very hard time understanding why people reject the protection provided by a vaccine. It seems utterly irrational to me – and that may be the most disturbing part. There are so many wrinkles to this…..

How did the pandemic affect me so far? Every aspect of life is more difficult, doing science and teaching are much more exhausting, field work and travel are near impossible. Nonetheless, personally I had many good moments this year, working with great people, enjoying family and friends as much as possible. For that I am very, very grateful. One thing the virus has highlighted for me is to enjoy the moment. Say goodby to the idea that we control all aspects of our lives…..

After the semester was over, I flew to Germany for a family visit with a short detour to give two talks in Italy. This was so much fun! Thanks to my hosts and all the good people that took time to hang out with me.

Morning at Piazza San Marco, Venice.