Many things have happened in February and March. Maybe the most significant was a massive winter storm that hit Oklahoma and Texas with dangerously low temperatures. There were power outages, skyrocketing cost for electricity, and a little bit of chaos here and there. Like the COVID pandemic brutally exposed disparities and racism in the health care system here in the US and in many other countries, the winter storm exposed all the many problems with our local and national infrastructure. Snow and ice did not stop me from tending to our fishes, but it was tough.

In February I gave a talk via Zoom for the wonderful series of presentations on speciation that Silu Wang organizes from Berkeley. It was a great honor to be part of this.

In other news, both Trai and Rodet are working on the final touches of the Dissertations. Both will defend in April and will be hooded in May. For me this is bittersweet. I am very proud of them and feel lucky I was able to accompany them on they path for a litte bit, but I am also sad to let them go.

As always, working on papers, proposals etc.

An empty and snowy campus at OU. Bizzell Library in the background.