I have many, many thoughts on the Covid pandemic. I am confused by deniers, I am scared, and I feel helpless. Teaching this fall semester was both difficult and gratifying. The same is true for research. All seems to be a fast-paced roller-coaster. As I said, this is very confusing to me. And the outlook as I write this in late December is not promising.

I am grateful, immensely grateful for the support I have from family and friends. I am trying to pay some of that forward and to be there for my own students and friends.

I don’t know how I did it, but I actually finished my book on Male Mate Choice, which is slated to be published by Oxford University Press in May of 2021. This may be the best thing I did this year. Of course the manuscript was late and all, but the great editors from OUP were more than kind and understanding. Can’t wait for the book to come out and have discussions about it……

Cover for my upcoming book

In other news: both Rodet and Trai have just re-submitted papers and I am hopeful they will both be accepted very soon. That would be a good close of the year!

Waldir is rocking the NSF project and also his half-dozen side projects. I am so happy to work with him.