My teaching went well – aside from some technical issues. That left time to work on some manuscripts, and getting one published. this paper is a collaboration with Gabriel Costa from Auburn University. In this study we modeled the spatial overlap of the two parental species that gave rise to the Amazon molly at the time of the last Interglacial ca. 125.000 years ago. And, alas, there is overlap predicted for an area near Tampico, Mexico. This is precisely the area that was predicted to be the cradle of the Amazon molly. I wanted to call this the Lagoon Where It Happened, but the reviewers rejected this cheap reference to the musical “Hamilton”. Here is the link:

In other notes: I spent a few days in Jamaica working with Kerri-Ann Bennett from UWI Mona. I had a great time, gave lectures and interacted with students from that campus. It was very humbling and I learned a lot. Among other things, we collected endemic fishes in the western part of Jamaica.