Rodet and myself travels to the Dominican Republic for two separate purposes: to attend a conference and to do some field work. The conference we attended was the annual conference of the Caribaea Initiative. This was an amazing meeting of scientist from many different countries across the Caribbean to discuss conservation activities and strategies. Rodet gave a great talk on thermal tolerance in the genus Limia, and I was honored to deliver one of the keynotes. We stayed in a hotel right on the Malecon. Unfortunately, we had to see large floating fields of algae, that can destroy whole beaches.

Algae floating of the coast of Santo Domingo

After the conference we teamed up with Patricia Torres Pineda from the Natural History Museum in Santo Domingo to search for Limia in the north of the island. We found some beautiful Limia, but also a healthy population of introduced Xiphophorus maculatus.

Pretty, but invasive…..