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Cuba again in January

Rodet and I went to Cuba for another expedition and adventure. The trip was marred by travel problems, grounded flights, and rental car trouble. But nonetheless we collected fishes from many localities. It was an amazing trip!

Later in January I spent a few days in Potsdam again to work on a proposal.

Collecting fishes

Peace and quiet in December

December did not see a lot of action. Trai and I submitted a paper on female choice in Limia. And I am making progress with my book.

Back in Potsdam

Potsdam is a special place for me. In October I returned for a week to work on a project and a grant proposal. It was intense and productive. Now back to working on my book.

Schloss Sanssouci in Potsdam

September in Northern Germany

Town Lake in Plön

Not far away from Kiel and also pretty close to the small town where I was born is a lovely small village named Plön. It is home to a nice little federal research Institute, the Max-Planck-Institute for Evolutionary Biology ( I think it is a little bit of a misnomer, as all biology is Evolutionary biology, but the focus of this Institute is on hardcore evolution. The Institute hosted a wonderful small conference on the Extended Evolutionary Synthesis. Friend or critic of the idea, it is something that is discussed widely in the community.

Thanks to delightful hosts and a great, friendly atmosphere we all had a good time!


August and September

After Trinidad, there was one more trip: Cuba. Rodet and I went to study Limia in their natural habitat.  After that, there was not much time left in the summer.  In September I focused on my new book on Male Mate Choice. The next adventure will be a small conference in Plön, Germany.

Malecon in Havana

July adventures

After more fieldwork in June (this time in Jamaica), the highlight for July was the LACCCB conference in Trinidad. The conference was fantastic, and the symposium on invasive fishes that Amy Deacon organized was very successful.

Rodet gave a great presentation on freshwater fishes of Cuba!

And being in the homeland of Guppies was fun, too.

As we discussed at the conference I am making a field-sheet available for all. You can download it from the Resources page on this website,

Special Column in Current Zoology

Trai and I attended a symposium last year in Estoril, Portugal. The speakers contributed to this Special Column in Current Zoology. Some fine papers!

June field work

Rodet and I had a chance to work with Patricia Torres in the Dominican Republic. The trip was a full success leading to the collection of fishes of several species of Limia and – unfortunately – many invasive species.  Also, a long awaited paper came out this week in BMC Research Notes. Congratulations to Ulrike Scherer and Ralph Tiedemann.

Patricia inspecting a river near the North Coast

Skipping April…..

Somehow April flew by. And most of May. Now the semester is over and we are focusing on summer field work. Next week Rodet and I will be in the Dominican Republic to collect Limia.

But April was not without good news; check out Amber’s newest paper. It is a follow up on her earlier brilliant work on clonality in Amazon mollies. Check it out!

March Madness

March was a very full month for the lab. The highlight was a trip to Baton Rouge. I gave a talk hosted by Prosanta Chakrabarty at LSU, and on the way back we collected Sailfin mollies for Trai’s project. They were not easy to find, but one site had all the fishes we wanted. But we had to collect in the rain, right next to a couple of vocalizing alligators.

Searching for Sailfin mollies

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